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La da da la da da da da da

La da da la da da da da da

La da da la da da da da da

Reporting live from the depths of brain
Running like a faucet got me sinking I'm feeling drained

Tryna navigate but nigga I been stuck in my ways
Tryna feel something but my heart been fading away

Just hit my brother on the JPay
In a cell by himself is how he spend his b day

Daughter only three she thirteen on his release date
Writing all these lines in the stu how I release pain

I'm tryna seek change okay

Watch me pack out shows every single night
Yeah I need a thousand gigs nigga that's a terabyte

I got hard drive
Locked in my archives

Handcuffed to my dreams
The more I do the more it ain't what it seems

'Cause I've been feeling some comfort in validation
Internet praise will have you feeling complacent

Find the right angle these lines standing adjacent
To goals that I set when I locked myself in the basement

To hit the pavement

I'm in my element like CO2
More to do more to prove I'm tryna see it through

The more traction that I gain I feel it's more to lose
I wipe my feet and hit the streets they feel my every

They feel my every move

Feel every move that I make and hear every word that I speak
I move at ultra light speed

You ain't seen nothing like me
Nah it ain't nothing like

That's why I must do what I do 'cause this is way bigger than me
But it ain't better than me

Ain't nothing better than me
I hope you betting on me

Damn right I'm betting on me
If you plan on stepping on me

I hope you bring yo' homie
And bring an extra homie

'Cause my niggas extra on me

And as much as we preach for the peace
I can't let you get a piece

When we play we play for keeps
All we find is all we keep


Shit shackles on my brain
I been moving silent through pain tryna break away from these chains

Every dog be having it's day and I'm tryna get off the leash
Break the lease

Some people never was key
Lived in my head rent free

I feel I mirror my brother that's locked in prison
We both inside of a system that's tryna keep us conditioned

Prisoner of my art I'm rapping a life sentence
So locked inside my vision can't see who I'm killing

They killed my big cousin on thanksgiving
Saw (bleep) battle with feelings

And lately we ain't been clicking
I watch her heal from a distance

Feelings can go numb when emotions been in a prison
Institutionalized when your brain get convicted

The hood can feel like a prison
These schools can feel like a prison

Everyday a routine we graded by our decisions
Cell block or the block or sell your soul for an image

See me sail in the distance
Who's to blame for these feelings

I'm feeling attacked
These layers get packed I'm peeling it back

I just wanna rap
Sit back and relax and count all my racks

But these tracks can put you in a valley
Writing all these lines how the fuck I let these bars trap me

Rappers in the city be so bitter 'bout a nigga's luck
Putting artists down how 'bout you try to lift that nigga up

No I'm not a conscious rapper no I'm not an activist
Don't lock me in a box just because my voice is passionate

Just let me be me

Let me be me

Just let me be me

This is how we feel